One of the questions we get asked most frequently is ‘What does my child need to do to get a Level 4 in his writing?’. To try and help parents with this here are a couple of really good links.
The first is to a document from Toot Hill School in Nottinghamshire. It is a child friendly document that you can print out and use with your child to show them what they have to do to move their writing from Level 3 to Level 4.
The second link will take you to the guidance that the Welsh Assembly Government have produced for English Key Stage 2 and 3. It is a long document but if you click on the link and go to pages 54 – 65 (Megan’s work) you can see the examples that teachers have been provided with for Level 4 writing (and reading). I hope this helps. Have a fantastic day! xxxx

Toot Hill

Welsh Government guidance

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