I am sure you are aware that the National Reading and Numeracy tests are almost upon us. They will take place between 27th April and 10th May for years 7-9 and from 3rd to 10th May for years 2 -6.

The purpose of the tests is to enable teachers and parents to assess how a child’s literacy and numeracy skills are developing. The results will also show if a child is performing at an average, below average or above average standard for their age. Here’s the link to the Welsh Government Website with sample material. Print off the samples for your child’s yeargroup and let them have a go.

We’ve still got time to make a difference. Give me a call on 029 2075 5544 for some support and to ask any questions you may have about our Maths Tuition and English Tuition Programmes.

Links below:

Numeracy Sample Materials

Reading Sample Materials

Kerry xx