If your child is in years 9-11, I am sure you are very well aware of the demands of the new Numeracy GCSE and the changes to the Mathematics GCSE. There are now three tiers of entry: Foundation, Intermediate and Higher. But, more importantly the style of the questions is very different. There is a greater emphasis on thinking skills and problem solving. Previously, pupils might have been asked a straightforward averages question where they had to find the mean, median and mode of eight numbers. These have now been replaced by problems involving averages where children need to be able to puzzle things out for themselves and solve problems. It is far more demanding. This has had a huge impact on students and teachers as we have all beenĀ  struggling to find support material for the children to revise from as it was just so different.

Well, good news, here is the link to some brand new revision guides that have been written especially for the WJEC numeracy and mathematics exams. They are very reasonably priced and could make all the difference. Wishing all of you the very best of luck as you prepare for these exams and please remember, if you need any more advice, call Kerry on 07875 122 916.

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